Virtual Cycling


Here is what you will see during a ride.

The 80/20 Virtual Cycling Club

The 80/20 Virtual Cycling Club is more than just a club; it's a community of passionate cyclists and triathletes seeking community to elevate their cycling experience, ride with other athletes, and be coached through their workouts.


Velocity is not just another training platform; it's a game-changer in the world of cycling coaching and performance improvement. Built with coaches and athletes in mind, Velocity provides a unique blend of real-time coaching, skill development, and performance tracking, all in one integrated system.

Here is what the Velocity website application looks like as a user.

During this free trial period, you'll have access to all the incredible features that Velocity has to offer, including:


Coaching and real-time feedback

Skill-specific workouts and interval training

Performance tracking and data analysis

A community of like-minded athletes

And so much more!

To celebrate our launch, we are excited to offer a special two-week trial period, available to the public. This is your chance to experience Velocity firsthand, explore its features, and see how it can transform your cycling journey.